Monday, March 04, 2013

Check This Shit

That's about a month-old build, some of the bimmers were just added so they're on LODA models (I think) and not LODX, and are missing AO bakes and so on.

The particle system is being re-written.. better smoke, rain, spray effects, and the like.  That's why I always mention to people that even though it looks quite nice, it's going to look ridiculous 6 months from now.

There is a peculiar set of people who have this weird and irrational hatred of SMS and the game.  Some have been banned from participation with the project because they couldn't grasp the term 'alpha' and so they found a home at Race Department and started a haters movement.  You know the types.. rabid, barely literate, inane, repetitive, paranoid, vindictive, etc.  The game could be the best thing EVAR and they'd still call it shit because they're emotionally invested in their hatred and want to see everyone else who is positively participating fail.

It's basically a losers club.


I didn't realize that youtube changed it so previous videos startup on their own.  These trailers were done by a forum member and not a professional.  He's doing some impressive work.  SMS has thrown hardware at him as well.. 680s and so on.  It's how this new style of development work can be done.  If you can do something, you do it.. and the studio will give you what you need and reward you for it.  The guy has already had a few thousand in membership upgrades given to him.. which, if you extrapolate the magnitude of the returns on that, his 2 or 3k euros may pay out 8, 10k euros or whatever.  Everyone wins.. the studio doesn't have to shell out big bucks for professionals for marketing and so on, and the hobbyist dude makes some nice coin doing what he'd do anyway when the game is released.

It's really quite brilliant.. plus we have a massive army of QA nitpicking everything.  Anyone care to guess how much it would cost to hire professional QA for 2 years?  We get it free.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks cool. It sounds like it is coming along well.


Kor said...

QA costs would vary based on the size of your team but I'm going to go ahead ball park around 1.6-2 million based on a QA team of 10 :D

Also, good to see you trying to focus on talking about other things at the moment.