Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Shine On

Check out the wet tarmac reflection shaders.  It's slightly over the top right now, but it's just damn tasty.  I love the clouds as well.  Imagine doing a weather system better than Skyrim in a car racing game.  That's just crazy.

The trees are getting a massive overhaul now.  Near field will have 3D trees, and sprites in the distance, for performance reasons.

One thing we've learned is that the gaming press loves games that bring cutting edge PCs to their knees.  These games end up as standard benchmarks, and thus a lot of exposure.  The game will scale to modest systems, but I have a very high end system and the game puts a hurt on it.  Of course, optimization passes are not complete, especially the anti-aliasing. But then, many environment details are still missing, so I expect those to sort of offset each other.

Ya.. the video cards (as in plural) in my machine alone cost as much as most entire PCs.  Visual fidelity like that doesn't come cheap.

Here's an example of something that just isn't working right.  That's supposed to be the effects of water drops on the car.  Ya.. that needs work.. but the guys that are doing it are just so brilliant.  It must be a real thrill for them to craft totally new solutions to complex problems.

One thing that never gets discussed much is how much money people make in the industry.  It's not like the type of engineering I do.  How much money does a render programmer for a triple A game get paid?  I'm guessing around 150 an hour.

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Anonymous said...

Water droplets are more uniform but different sizes. They are tear dropped shape as they slide off the side of the car. This is going to be awesome and how exciting to be an investor and see it come together.