Saturday, March 02, 2013

And Now For Something Completely DIfferent

Cool looking picture of a Ruf Sports car, right?  Except it's a screen shot from Project CARS, the in-development racing simulator that I have an ownership stake in.  Go ahead, click the image.  Shocking, isn't it?

It's not 'photomode' or any of that type of BS.  That's what it looks like in the game, and there are still a lot of improvements to come before the game ships, hopefully toward the end of this year.

We made the front page of Reddit today.  That's a big deal.

I've taken a back seat in my participation of the development the last few months.  I'll work on getting back into the flow of it. It's going to be a massive success.

The studio head, Ian Bell, has been enormously kind and generous to me in regard to John's passing.  He's a class act, no doubt.  I'm still amazed he let me in the door in the first place. Sure, there was some measure of risk back when I first got involved, and the game didn't look that incredible.  It didn't play that incredible either, but I knew that Ian would get his team to make the finest racing game ever released.  They're totally dedicated.

The release is going to be exciting, to say the least.


Kor said...

It's been kind of amusing watching the regular gaming press start to cover the game over the past few months... let's me play my internet hipster card in discussion threads.

Steve said...

That looks pretty sharp. Wish I had the balls to get in when you did, but I'm happier w/ my money in the mattress I suppose.

Tom said...

Most of the press get important things wrong. It's irritating. The more establishment oriented gaming sites seem to have a bug up their ass. I don't think people like it when a publisher isn't paying for the development of a game.

There is also some really super juicy umm.. developments that are super secret involving very big players in the uh.. video game industry who happen to have noticed what we're doing.

And that's probably saying way more than I should have. I will, of course, spill beans via email.. lol

Oh, and have I mentioned that I have contractual rights to the sequel?

errr... I probably shouldn't have said that either.

Kor said...

SMS should probably look into approaching sites with a larger amount of cred in the indie coverage department. Those however are getting thinner on the ground as days go by.

Giant Bomb does a lot of coverage when it comes to independent studios, small or large (SMS would probably fall more into Double Fine territory than a Polytron).