Monday, February 18, 2013

Movin' On Down

I'm living in my Frisco house now.  I have pretty much everything over here, much of it still in boxes.  I went and bought a dresser (sans mirror) for the bedroom because I really don't have any place for socks and shorts and such.  It has room for a cable box and a blu ray player if I want to get a flat screen tv for the top.  I'll probably end up doing that sometime.

Moving here hasn't been the answer to the grief issues I'm having.  I finished getting the study functional, and decided it was enough for today.  I promptly lost my head again.  John was too much of my life to resolve simply by moving someplace else.  It's incredibly difficult.  Having Rex around helps, but he works a lot.  Regardless, I still have John on my mind very frequently.  I suppose it doesn't matter if I end up sobbing again. It reminds me how important to me he was. He was everything.

I'm so tired.

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