Monday, December 10, 2012


I think I have found the secret formula for losing weight.

I weighed 210 on the day John died.  We'd both been putting on weight.

6 days later, I weigh 197.

Yes, the secret to a successful diet is the death of your spouse.  You will cringe at the idea of eating anything.  Lose inches in days!

I had things to do today that didn't get done.  MaryBeth was here, and she really didn't get done what she wanted either.  We end up just talking and crying for a long time.

Evening is coming.  The grief mostly comes at night.  Mostly..

Steve and my family are the only ones that know what we look like.  I try to be anonymous here, because I say things that aren't politically correct.. frequently.  A picture couldn't hurt.. well.. it hurts, but not in that way.

I think I posted this a few years ago.. but anyway.. I was supremely happy in this moment.

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