Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Asshat Quote of the Day

Jane Pitt, the mother of actor Brad Pitt, was the target of hateful and misogynistic tweets from pro-abortion liberals after theSpringfield News-Leader published her letter supporting Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Twitchy reported Friday.


Gawker painted her as a "loon," but liberals on Twitter went overboard.

"Time for the Left’s self-proclaimed arbiters of tolerance to teach her a lesson with their hateful, misogynist slurs and death wishes," the staff at Twitchy wrote.

"Brad Pitt's mom, die," wrote "sandy kownacka."

"Brad Pitt's mother can go f**k herself," Patrick Sandberg added.

"Brad Pitt's mom sounds like a bit of a c**t," Twitter user "digital host" wrote.

Twitchy reminded readers that when Obama reverted to his 1996 position supporting gay marriage, liberals on Twitter said those who do not support the President over his gay marriage position should kill themselves.

Now, it seems that if you disagree with liberals, they want you dead.

---------- And this is the party of the peace symbol? - Douglass "V for Victimization" Gibbs

And the inevitably deleted retort;

Because what a handful of self-identified "liberals" write on Twitter represents the view of all liberals.. right?

I suppose it's only fair. After all, I quote you all the time as an example of a "religious conservative" and paint the entire conservative movement based on your views.

It's a great way to skew the perceptions of entire classes of people, isn't it? The difference, I think, is that you really are a great example. Those "liberals" you quoted? Not so much.

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