Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yahoo News Comment of the Day

Swede • 1 min 27 secs ago Report Abuse
To read stories on yahoo you would think the world revolves around homosexuals.Which in their mind it probably does.

And my retort;

Here's the thing you don't understand, Cleetus. Yahoo News drops a cookie on your computer. It keeps track of the type of stories you read, and it shows you more and more of them as time goes on - because you show a preference for reading on that topic. If you read a bunch of stories on baseball, you'll start seeing a lot of baseball articles and think that all Yahoo cares about is baseball.

That's the reason why you see all the gay themed articles on Yahoo. It's because you read them and comment. This is because you have "issues". Well adjusted heterosexuals do not fixate on gay themes the way you do, and thus most heterosexuals are not seeing all the gay themed articles on yahoo.

In other words.. it's time to come out of the closet.

People are so stupid it's a good thing for them that breathing is autonomic.

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