Thursday, June 28, 2012

And One More Thing

Americans with a pre-existing condition cannot be denied health insurance coverage.. ever again.

Of course, there's no telling how much you might have to pay for that premium, but if it's employer sponsored, you're golden no matter what.

To be fair.. I thought the mandate was was unconstitutional.. but Roberts tweaked it by changing it to a tax on those that aren't insured. Clever.

Also - apparently in Scalia's ruling, he kept referring to the "Ginsberg dissent" - meaning he had written it up as if he was going to present the opinion of the court.. meaning.. John Roberts flipped on him at the last second and Scalia didn't have time to re-write his opinion.. or have his staff re-write it rather.

It's just the funniest thing in ages.

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Steve said...

Pre-existing condition is a term I hope just fades away.

The issue here isn't health insurance, because let's be honest, it's never really been about insurance. It's about health coverage. Being able to be treated for a medical condition w/o having to pay the full amount for it.

I get the argument. It's like having a busted up car and buying car insurance and expecting your insurance to help offset the cost of repairs. But we're not talking about cars, we're talking about people and giving them affordable health care.

So once we're all insured through one means or another, we'll all always be covered, and we wont have a pre-existing condition, we'll just have conditions that need treating.