Sunday, July 01, 2012

Asshat Quote of the Day

However, I am also a realist, and my guns are loaded - just in case.

Only 3% of the population fought against the British in the American Revolution. The government may have bigger guns, but we have more of them.

God help us as we enter uncharted territory. - Douglass "hey there sailor, nice gun" Gibbs
I'm amused when the Loon Brigade implies that if they get pushed too far, they're going to start killing federal employees. Of course, Doug is too big a coward to actually say.. "we'll get our guns and start killing people in the government", so he phrases it as if he's Mel Gibson in the Patriot. You know.. push me too far, and.. and.. you've pushed me to far and I'm going to kick your ass.

Except, you know.. they won't. They're cowards living in a fantasy world. He's not going to load his gun and shoot some Americans in a glorious war to reclaim America for Jesus. He just wants people to think he has some balls. The truth is, his balls have shriveled up decades ago.. at about the time that 172 IQ got knocked out of his beautiful mind.

How fucking sick do you have to be to even contemplate getting your guns ready to go kill other Americans because you don't like the way the politics is going in the nation?

Wait.. I know the answer to that. Really, really, fucking sick.


Oh look... a Doug post. Yeah.. I sorta read through some of his recent posts. It's the same exact shit he was writing 6 months ago. He could automatic his blog by just having it repost crap from 2 years ago over and over.


Kor said...

Did I mention how much your country confuses me today? Because it's a lot.

Tom said...

There is a divide, that's growing wider, between fairly sensible people such as moi.. and the really crazy fuckers like Doug. I think they've always existed, but with the advent of the right wing political media (Limbaugh, Fox, etc.) they face less ostracism for actually saying what they think now.

Well - they're not actually saying it.. they still temper it so as to not have government agent knocking on their doors. That's what Doug is doing. He's trying to say that if the government doesn't shape up, there's going to be an armed revolution, and he's got his guns ready. He's just trying to phrase it in such a way that he doesn't end up on a terrorist watch list.. but my guess is that's too late.

But really.. my point was that even as he's trying to obfuscate his point to avoid investigation, he still doesn't have the balls to actually risk his life in a war with the government. He'd pee himself.

I still can't get over that some people actually think about that. I'll bet he's thinking he could be some sort of leader in the rebel cause. He's really that crazy.