Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just This Once

With the HCR ruling from the Supremos, I couldn't resist going to visit the Grand Poobah of the Loon Brigade, and checking out his prediction..

Reaction to Supreme Court of Obamacare Will Reveal True Liberal Democrat Agenda
By Douglas V. Gibbs
The Affordable Health Care Act Supreme Court decision may be the most influential on our political system since Marbury v. Madison in 1803, through which the federal courts granted themselves the power of judicial review. Chances are, parts of the health care law will be upheld, and parts of it will be struck down. Enough will be unconstitutional in the opinion of the courts that the democrat dream of socialized medicine will encounter a major setback. . . or will it?
If the administration's treatment of the Supreme Court decision regarding the Arizona immigration law is any indication, Obama's team of liberal left loonies will disregard the Supreme Court's ruling, and implement their health care policies anyway, through regulatory agencies and executive orders.
If the Supreme Court doesn't play along with the Obama administration, lock-stock-and-barrel, the liberal left media will join the party, and launch the most aggressive and sustained attack against the Supreme Court in history. Despite generations of using judicial fiat, now that the court will not obey the liberal left in complete lock-step fashion, the Supreme Court will be declared unacceptable, and war will be waged on the courts by every liberal left lunatic in Washington.
The court's credibility will be lambasted for all to see, and Obama will complete his journey making Congress, States' Rights, and the courts, completely irrelevant, and proclaiming himself king, or some facsimile thereof.
-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

And the inevitably deleted retort from moi;

So I haven't been by here in months.. but I just couldn't resist.
OMG heads be esploding!
Oh.. and you know the best part? If Romney wins the election, and the republicans control the house.. and the senate.. all the democrats have to do is prevent a cloture vote in the senate, and repeal cannot happen. Then in 2014 when the law takes full effect, you'll see the Medicare effect.. wherein Americans actually like the program, and that will be that. It will live forever. In order for republicans to get elected, they'll have to support Obama's HCR.
So what you're seeing here is an FDR moment. It cannot be undone.. and I think it's the funniest thing.. ever.
Oh.. and hey Doug. lol
And I still hate blogger.. I have no idea where those white bricks came from. I never had these problems with the old editor.

/ed yay.. i just found the button to revert back to the old editor.. wooooo

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