Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Holy crap, Obama's speech sucked.. lies wrapped around cutting every tax possible. It's as if raising a tax to actually fund government is the kiss of death. It's bizarre.

The unfortunate thing is.. the republicans are so bad that Obama is likely to win the election. You work really hard to get into the privileged class and so you might as well just vote for the fuckers that want to impoverish everyone else so your maid is cheaper.. right? The wealthy don't give a fuck about illegal immigration anyway, because the guy that's fixing some broken shit on another house I own is illegal as fuck.. but cheap.

And ya.. flat tax rates, bitches. We know that'll substantially raise taxes on the poor and middle class.. but fuck them for allowing these shitty politicians we have now. Maybe they need to suffer some more before they get off their stupid asses and demand something different. In the meantime, cut our fucking taxes down to 13% like Mitt Romney pays so we can afford more illegal alien servants. We actually drive our own Mercedes now.. fuck that.. we need a full time driver so we can get hammered on vodka and pain killers and enjoy the ride.

It really is amazing how fucked up this shit is.

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