Monday, January 23, 2012

Asshat Quote of the Day

The thing about Paterno is that I don't think he truly understood what he had done, or failed to do. As far as Joe was concerned, when he was told about Sandusky's shower room abuse of young boys he went to his next higher up. He used his chain of command, and his hands were clean. He didn't think he should have done more because he expected the people above him that he told to do what needed to be done. - Douglass "it's not like Sandusky was raping little girls" Gibbs

Good to know that Doug's morality ends at the bare minimum when it comes to what society considers one of the most heinous criminal acts imaginable. Ya.. Paterno's hands were "clean" - so the fact that if Paterno had simply picked up the phone and called the police department, preventing more kids from being raped is not a big deal.

Paterno was not a member of the military, which has it's own judicial system. Paterno had a job at the university. If somebody came to me with allegations of criminal conduct, I wouldn't for a second consider only reporting it to my manager. That's just fucking ridiculous, and no sane person would do that.. much less in a situation where children were in danger. I'd be dialing fucking 911 the moment the conversation is over.

Again, Doug is the perfect example of the immoral "christian" right wing loon. He makes excuses for the worst abuses imaginable when he thinks those responsible have the right religious or political ideology.. but when it's the political enemy that is at issue, he'll make a huge issue out of nothing. Remember the abuse he hurled on Michelle Obama when interpreting lip reading during a flag ceremony? That must be a lot more fucking serious to these nutjobs.

That's Doug's basic immorality, and it is exactly how the christian right wing is defined. The uniformity of their depravity is perfect.

And not a single word about the victims of the abuse.. just an essay trying to white wash the utter failure of a human being that Paterno turned out to be. Think those kids that were raped give a fuck that Paterno reported Sandusky to his boss? Really?

Fucking scumbags...

and the inevitably deleted comment;

So if you were notified that someone under your responsibility was raping children at the job site, you wouldn't call the police?

Doing the "minimum required" is all that's needed to keep one's hands "clean"? I'll bet the kids that were raped after Paterno was notified agree.

Good to know where you stand on that one, Doug.


Oh.. and I just noticed this bit;

And there is evidence that Marianne is unstable. One can almost understand Newt's frustration with her.

Ya.. her husband cheated on her and then dumped her, so Doug understands the husband's frustration.


Ya.. she's "unstable".. and we get why Newt is frustrated.. after all, all he did was cheat on her and then dump her for a newer model.

It's weird the way bitches get angry like that.. isn't it Doug?

It's always better to attack the spouse that got cheated on.. especially when it's a woman... she must not have been servicing Newt in the right way, otherwise he wouldn't have been looking for some on the side.

Heck, I'll bet if your wife started cheating on you and then demanded a divorce, you'd be cool with that.

Oh.. and Jesus probably approves of bagging on the dumped wives. If they aren't willing to be slutty for their husbands and have 3 ways.. Jesus says to kick them to the curb and get a new one.

.... and you wonder why I think your morality is twisted..

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kris said...

Paterno's death saved him from a conspiracy or at least accessory child abuse charges.

I am astounded the "Christian" right is so happy to overlook child abuse and newts cheating on multiple wives.

In my day, if you had been divorced more than once, you could kiss a serious naval career and promotion goodbye.

Back then, we cared about a persons character before promoting them to lead others.

These paterno and newt apologists are blithering idiots.