Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Slightly Less Cowardice

Well, hell hath entered an ice age. Doug has actually argued against something I've actually said, rather than paraphrasing me as an anonymous liberal. He takes exception with a point I left for him a while back;

Who are the Republican primary voters again? Let's see.. liberal Democrats? No.. that doesn't sound right.. Oh.. I know.. Republicans. That's right. It's the Republicans that will not vote for Cain and instead put Romney up against Obama to get his ass kicked. But hey.. if it makes you feel better to blame the Democratic party.. then by all means.. have at it. Strange you've lately been defending child rape enablers and perpetrators of sexual harassment. I'm sure Jesus would approve.

Doug then goes on to embrace the central failure of christianity; that simply asking for forgiveness grants blanket immunity to the moral failure. Or, as Doug puts it;

I placed this comment here to show the ignorance of the liberal mind, the vitriol of the average liberal, and to address the final sentence because it truly reveals how ignorant the secular liberals are. He added at the end, when it came to me being willing to defend "alleged" child rape enablers and perpetrators of sexual harassment as he put it, "I'm sure Jesus would approve."

Actually, Tom, Jesus would approve. Christ encouraged us to see the best in people, to forgive them of their transgressions (not justify or condone, but forgive), and to accept repentance as Christ would rather than hammer someone over the head over their past mistakes in life. People do change. People can turn away from their wicked ways and become new creatures in Him. This is why, to the dismay of the Jewish leadership, Jesus forgave the prostitute Mary, and why even a murderer, after truly realizing the error of his ways and submitting to the love of Christ, can even receive salvation from the Lord.

I believe Cain when he said he did not harass those women. I believe Paterno died regretting he didn't do more when it came to bringing Sandusky to justice but also died knowing that he had not purposely done anything wrong, and I am at peace with that. And I believe Newt when he says he has seen the errors of his past and he has turned over a new leaf thanks to his Faith in God.

Besides, as I said before, which should I prefer? A person that has struggled with his morality and has cried out to God for forgiveness? Or a liberal leftist that desires to intentionally destroy the nation as it was founded?

I'll take my chances with the repentant sinner every time.

What you describe as "Jesus' forgiveness" is actually the supreme failing of Christianity. It's the "Get out of hell free" card. People who have "sinned", have done so against real people.. not against the Magical Sky Wizard. It doesn't matter what Jesus thinks of Newt's adultery, because Newt wasn't married to Jesus.. he was married to a woman. Does she forgive him? Or the other wife he also cheated on?

Does Paterno deserve any forgiveness from those children that were raped due to his inaction? I'm sure they couldn't care less what Jesus thinks about Paterno's motivation - but rather his moral failure.

Granting blanket immunity for the consequences of ones' action through contrition to a mythical entity does nothing for the real living breathing victims. Granting someone absolution through such a mechanism is itself highly immoral.

It is the greatest failing of Christianity by far. It strips real responsibility for ones' actions, which is what conservatives seem to think is important.

Your accusation of Obama's "intentional destruction" of the nation is just silly rhetoric, and inconsequential to the central issue.


Doug still refuses to publish comments because they contain links back here.. as well as refusing to link here when he references something I've said. This is because Doug is fundamentally immoral. I never fail to link to him.. because I want people to read exactly what it is he's saying. He makes the case against religious conservatism better than I ever could. The more people read that, the better it is for our cause.


Oh, this is interesting. Doug approved a dissenting comment on one of his rants, pointing out the many factual errors he makes. In the comment, the gentleman asks;

Mr. Gibbs, either you are a deliberate liar, or a dupe of the worst disinformation sources possible.

That's an elegant way to phrase my oft asked question, "Stupid or Lying?"

And as always.. my money is on stupid, as evidenced by Doug's use of "well known" - ya.. well known by who? Propagandists who Doug reads and is dumb enough to take at face value.


kris said...

Isn't God's forgiveness based on repentance? I don't recall ever hearing any genuine remorse or even acknowledgement of the hurt caused by their actions.

It's remarkable that Dougs own "forgiveness" depends upon the person's political affiliation.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Doug would forgive Sandusky. I wonder if his forgiveness would go so far as him allowing one of his young sons to attend Sandusky's camp for wayward boys. He would probably grace Sandusky with his forgiveness as long as it would not impact him or his family. Force a big dick up my ass without my permission (and I do enjoy a big dick on occasion) and hell would freeze over before I would forgive you and more than likely cut your dick off if you did that to my child. No jury would ever convict you.

Tom said...

Alrighty then.