Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It looks like the "Stop Online Piracy Act" is going to pass. Basically, it'll allow American corporations to decide which web sites, world wide, get blocked from anyone residing in the US. It's kind of like the Great Firewall of China, except that it doesn't block political issues but rather movies, music, and games. It's seriously going to fuck some shit up...

... that and it increases the penalties for people who pirate. Download 10 songs, go to prison for 5 years. That's fucked up.

The way American politics works, there's nothing that individuals can do about it. Once the law limiting campaign contributions was over turned by the US Supreme Court, it ensured that all of our politicians would be owned by corporations, and therefore all legislation is written in that regard. The interesting part about SOPA is that it pits companies like Google against the pharmaceutical companies, MPAA, etc. The side with the bigger campaign contributions wins, and there's nothing bigger than Big Pharma in the US. There really is no difference between the two parties in the US anymore. Any claims to the contrary is just semantics.

It was just a matter of time before the RIAA and MPAA won the internet battle. They weren't satisfied with just a few thousand dollar fine from some college student downloading some songs. They have to fundamentally change the way the internet works, and they will. Everything that happens in Congress and with Presidential elections is all about making sure corporations continue to drain everyone else dry. We've seen with the "occupy" protests that they never achieve anything.

I'm really over the US. We need to move to Canada asap.

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