Tuesday, January 17, 2012


MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina (Reuters) - Republican Mitt Romney acknowledged Tuesday that his income tax rate is "probably closer to 15 percent than anything," suggesting that one of the wealthiest people to ever run for U.S. president pays a much lower rate than most Americans.

That's never going to change because the wealthy own the government, and the rest of America has just enough to not risk a revolution over it.

My ex has a Canadian partner. They're moving to Canada this spring, where they'll get married and my ex will able to take advantage of the Socialist hell-hole of a health care system.... which is better than he's getting in the US.

I wonder if we can just pay a flat fee to become Canadian citizens or if we'll have to marry a couple of Canadian lesbians? Heck, they should just give us refugee status and grant citizenship straight away.


But hey.. I'm going to support Romney, and make a symbolic contribution of $50 to his campaign. I hope he wins, but considering how dry his personality is, I kind of doubt it.

I figure he'll lower that 15% rate to those of us that aren't worth a quarter billion dollars. Why the fuck should I care if the government goes broke? Yes, the top 5% should get the super low taxes, not the top 1%.. and the 95% should pay through the nose as a penalty for sucking at making money.

It's only fair.

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