Saturday, January 14, 2012

American Justice

It seems that courts in the UK are deporting English citizens to the US to face criminal charges, even though they've never been to the US, and the crimes they are accused of are not crimes in the UK.

The American police state is growing exponentially. Shit is fucked up and bullshit.

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kris said...

People here have been deeply critical of the unfair extradition treaty - signed by Blair in the wake of 9/11 - allowing an effective "fast-track" to the US to be hung out to dry.

Here's where I do agree with Doug:

Once you give Government an inch, they will take a mile.

Rather than terror suspects, this treaty has been used by the US to grab anyone whose had even a whiff of contact with America.

In this case, even though the kid did run copywrited material on his site - he did point to where you could get it. This is not a crime in the UK. That the pointers led to US copywrited material led the UK court to find that sufficient nexus for US jurisdiction.

The other famous case was the "NatWest 3". They were bankers dealing with electronic transactions. A few of their transactions were routed through Houston (I think) - and that was sufficient for the court to find US jurisdiction.

The other big case here is Gary McKinnon, who admits he hacked into the Pentagon. He had the intent to access Pentagon servers - so, In my world, that's enough to attract US jurisdiction. The crime was committed on US soil - so to speak.

I kind of even understand the NatWest 3 extradition too - the money was funnelled via the US.

But I'm really struggling with this kid's case. While the stuff may have been US copywrite - he did not host it himself - all he hosted were the links to the copywrited stuff.

I haven't read this case yet - which I do ride Doug for not bothering to do before *he* kickes off!

Here's the link the the judgment. This was a first instance judgment - so the kid has an appeal.