Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Have a Dream

There's a nearby dealer that specializes in lease returns and high end cars. I keep an eye on their inventory on a fairly regular basis. That particular car is an '07 911 Turbo, with numerous after-market upgrades including a $6k sound system, exhaust system, and wheels. It's got a ton of options included, and is rather low in miles.

It is absolutely stunning and is exactly what I want.

They've already sold it.. not that I have the money right now since I put a large chunk into the development of a video game. Even if I hadn't, it's still probably out of my price range. My guess is that it sold for about $85k or so.

It's difficult to decide to buy something like that when you're not stinking rich. Sometimes you just need to go for it, and sometimes it's just stupid especially considering how expensive that thing would be to maintain.

Gah.. I want one.


Steve said...

I'm in the same boat... well I mean a dingy to your well, speed boat I guess... but I keep my eyes peeled or a 15-20k G35 or similar sport coup.e that would be fun... but that I really don't need.. but gah I want one.

Tom said...

You should just buy one.. in relation to your salary, it's not a big deal.

If you were looking at a car that costs a year's salary.. well.. then ya.. that might not be so swift at your age.

The G35 wouldn't be very expensive to maintain either since you wouldn't be putting a lot of miles on it. Same goes for the Turbo really. I couldn't see myself putting more than 2k miles a year on it.. if that.

It certainly would be nice to drive down to Austin for the F1 race in that car though.

The payday from the investment would cover it, but damn.. we've got early retirement planned and all that, and that's going to cost a fuck ton since we won't have employer health insurance.

John is starting another company.. and that's the real solution to our problems.. hoe just needs to earn more. lol

You have time.. just find the exact right car for you and buy it.. and don't sweat something like a grand on the price. If you're not completely happy with what you buy, you'll hate it in a year.