Sunday, January 29, 2012

American Justice

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — As Mike Ainsworth walked his two sons to a school bus stop, he heard a woman being carjacked scream, and ran to help. The woman was not hurt, police said, but the Good Samaritan was shot to death by a suspect who fled.

When police gave out the details of Ainsworth's killing, they also announced he had been arrested for drugs and other non-violent crimes, keeping with a year-old policy in which criminal records for slain victims are released — sometimes before they've been publicly identified.

Most of the time, the stories are about how callous people are in ignoring the plight of others. There was some video or other last year of a man that got hit by a car that sped off, lying unconscious in the street while other people basically stepped over him on the way to wherever they were going. Leave it to the police to turn a heroic act into a controversy by their immorality.

At a certain point, it becomes really dangerous how much the general public despises the police.


I saw a video the other day on Jonathan Turley's blog where the police shot to death some kid in a fast food restaurant parking lot. You can click the link on the sidebar if you want to see it, but I really don't like linking that kind of shit in my posts.

He had a pipe in his hand, and was clearly not mentally stable. There were at least 3 cops in the parking lot, and when the kid raised the metal bar he had in his hand, they just opened up on him. There were so many shots fired that that the cops nearly killed a bystander.

Step one.. taser the guy. Step two, taser him again. Step three, holster your gun, and charge the kid knocking him to the ground. Step four, hand cuff him and haul his ass off to jail and try to figure out what the fuck his deal was.

He had to have been shot at least 10 times.. and ya.. I get that being a cop is just a job and nobody wants to get hit in the head with a metal pipe, but the whole point of having tasers is that you can stop somebody without shooting them to death. You can even disarm them physically. Even shooting them once in the leg would be better then unloading entire clips into some guy and potentially killing somebody else nearby.

When shooting somebody to death is the first option, don't be surprised if the criminal's first option is shooting somebody to death.


Oh.. the video of the shooting was taken by some kids in a car in the parking lot. They were laughing the entire time, including the ensuing hilarity of the other kid getting shot to death.

I really do think most people are sick as fuck.

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