Saturday, January 28, 2012

Asshat Quote of the Day

Neurotic Liberal Tom is a real interesting case. I get a kick out of his silly comments, and rarely respond to them because they are so inane that they don't deserve responses. - Douglass "I've got a secret" Gibbs

This is actually a re-post because I just love it so much. Doug keeps deleting off my rebuttal to posts where he references me, because any time the truth contradicts his propaganda, it must be erased from existence.

I'm reminded of the time when Doug referred to the George Orwell book, 1984, and claimed to have read it, while completely missing the point of the whole thing. He simply doesn't understand it at all. In terms of "inanity", that takes the case - or actually my preferred word(s), "stupid as fuck".

In the two or so months I took off from reading Doug's blog when I wasn't feeling very well, I sort of missed it and sort of didn't. I'm conflicted. He's not the slightest bit entertaining, but he says some of the dumbest shit you will find anywhere and that's worth capturing and commenting on.

I try to be at least a little bit entertaining while trying to make a broader point about some issue, but Doug is just a broken record.. and the recording is of one song that never made the charts. It just skips the needle back to the beginning and starts again.

One thing that hasn't occurred to Doug is that I also try to carry that entertaining flavor to the comments I leave on his blog. I don't just write "you're wrong and really stupid" - I try and be a bit more snarky than that, and occasionally I think they're damn funny even if I'm patting myself on the back with that.

The point is.. when you're doing the same thing for years and not getting anywhere with it.. and your content is dryer than Ann Coulter's cooch, stirring up controversy and debate can get people engaged. Think Rush Limbaugh doesn't want liberals calling him? Hell if he doesn't because he flames back with the best of them, and does it in a way that entertains the Loon Brigade. If all he was doing is talking to people that kiss his ass, it would be boring as fuck and he wouldn't be able to afford hookers and oxycontins in the Dominican Republic.

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