Thursday, September 29, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

By the way: If the liberal freaks or Muslim freaks shut my site down over this post, it would prove how idiotic hypocritical they are, and I'll be writing over at from there on out. - Douglass "don't persecute me because I love cock" Gibbs

Doug wrote a few paragraphs basically insulting islam and it's profit, muhammad. Yes, "profit", just like Jesus is a "profit" center for western religious kooks.

What's really funny is that Doug thinks he's being brave for dissing muslims on an internet blog. He thinks anybody would even give a shit enough to "shut down" his "site". Good god.. what a maroon.

Anyway.. the inevitably deleted comment.


Holy fuck, your paranoia knows no bounds! You think that talking shit about Muhammad is some brave activity that's going to get you noticed beyond the 8 liberals that read your blog for a laugh?


I've been advocating that European nations round up all the religious freak muslims in their country, put them on transport planes, issue them parachutes and drop them over Iran for years. I don't feel brave saying that, or think anybody is really going to give a shit.

But you Doug.. holy fuck.. the narcissistic paranoia that you constantly display is breath taking. I suppose it all roots in the history of christianity that is founded on persecution. It makes you feel like Jesus when you bravely insult muslims on a fucking internet blog, and think anybody is going to care enough to remove your account.

That's hysterical.. and because it's hysterical.. it becomes today's "Asshat Quote of the Day"!

God damn I love you.

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kris said...

Doug does like a bit of manufactured drama. Wait for, "the libs at Blogspot shut me down for daring to speak the truth but I'm serious now and *paying* for my bandwidth".

It will transpire that Blogger was down for maintenance.