Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Thinking

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut woman who hid unemployment and money troubles from her husband for nearly a year phoned in bomb threats to banks and an insurance company to prevent him from asking questions, police said. She was arrested when an officer recognized her from a surveillance video he viewed while tracking one of the threats.

Police say McLean confessed that she lost her job a year ago and had let the couple's bills pile up but didn't tell her husband. He began realizing what was happening last week and planned to go to the bank.

"McLean said that she decided to do something to keep the banks closed," the police report said. "She said that bomb scares were the only things she could think of to force the banks to close."

McLean was arraigned Tuesday and is set to return to court Oct. 24; she hasn't been able to post $45,000 bail. A clerk at Rockville Superior Court said records don't list a lawyer for her, and her husband, Mark McLean, didn't return a phone message seeking comment Thursday.

The events began Sept. 22, when a First Niagara Bank employee called 911 to report that a woman had just called and said a bomb would detonate that day or the next day.

The next morning, another employee at the same branch found a note in the night deposit box that read, "Be smart, do not open Friday or Saturday. You never know when someone will walk in or drive in with the bomb."

On Friday, a worker at another First Niagara branch called 911 to report that a woman had just called in a bomb threat.

I wonder how I would work this if I wanted to develop a raging drug habit.. blow hundreds of thousands of dollars on heroin and hoe's.. and then hide the ensuing financial meltdown from John.

I'm home more than he is and could intercept the mail from the banks and brokerages, and change all the passwords on his e-banking accounts.

"Don't reset those passwords bitches, otherwise somebody might just DOS'd"..

John and I don't co-mingle accounts so it would be a bit difficult..

I wonder how she hid the fact that she had lost her job a year ago from her husband. She just get up in the morning, get ready for work, and drive around until he left too?

What are the odds there's a velvet Jesus on the living room wall? I'll give 2 to 1 for...


Kor said...

I'm trying to figure out why she thought it was necessary to hide the loss of employment in the first place. A history of domestic abuse or past threats to leave her because she was a lazy shit and couldn’t hold down a job?

kris said...

are all 15% of Americans out of work "lazy shits"?

and yes, the true figure is more like 15% because the official figures do not account for people who aren't signing on.

Kor said...

I was making the implication that she may have a history of simply getting fired from numerous jobs due to a bad work ethic. It may be possible that the husband eventually handed down a straighten up or were done ultimatum, thus giving her a reason to hide the most recent job loss from him for over a year. Nobody wants to drag a partner along for the ride for the rest of their life, and the guy may have finally had enough and wanted her to grow up and share the load.
A loss of employment due to economic reasons is fine, I'm simply trying to understand the motive for hiding the loss of ones job from a spouse.

kris said...

probably deep shame.

Some of us still have it.