Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unnecessary Self Abuse

John and I have very different metabolisms. I'm always cold and he's always hot. That makes it difficult to set the thermostat in the house, but during the summer it's not usually an issue.

When it starts getting colder, the house gets colder and I'll often wear a sweat shirt or something in the house. I don't mind doing that. What bugs me is that when I go to bed, it feels like it's ice cold to me. I'm literally shivering when going to bed for months at a time each year, and it's hard to fall asleep. The weird part is that when I wake up, I'm really warm.. bordering on hot.

I've been suffering that abuse when there's absolutely no reason at all.

We just bought this cool mattress pad that has heating elements in it. It's divided down the middle with a controller on each side. John can leave his off, and since he typically goes to bed a few hours before I do, I turn my side on low and go off to play some computer games and such. When I go to bed, I shut the thing off and it's nice and warm and I can fall right to sleep. In the morning, I wake up with a cooler bed, but as warm as I usually am.

All this for a hundred bucks. I could have not been freezing my ass off for the last.. 9 years if I had just put a little thought into it.

It's a personality quirk. I do this kind of shit all the time. It's like how I like to wear standard white t-shirts under my dress shirts pretty much year round. I'll wear them until I'm about to rub holes in them, when we have enough money to buy the entire fucking t-shirt factory if we wanted to. I can be wearing a $200 custom tailored dress shirt, with a t-shirt underneath it that a homeless guy would be embarrassed to own.

Oh.. and sometimes during the winter I'll be cold when on the couch watching teevee. The simple solution to that is... a heating blanket! We don't have one of those yet, but John has turned into an Amazon whore, so I'm sure one will be arriving UPS any day now.

Riley really loves it when the UPS guy comes.. which is pretty much daily now. He likes to bark at him and hop around.. then go out front with me to get the package. He likes to take off down the sidewalk as if he's running away, but then turns around and sprints back before I close the door on him. Token, on the other hand, I do not let just run out. He has this "fuck you bitches, I'm outa here" attitude. He always comes back eventually, but it's better he not be out roaming around the neighborhood.

The weather was 99f today. It's nearly October. We had a week or so of nice weather and then it got really fucking hot again. Starting tomorrow, the highs will be in the mid 80s, so it's getting better. That's still rather warm for the dogs, but not intolerable.

I need to get my R/C plane ready to go.. get the batteries charged up and such. It's getting close to prime flying weather, and I want to get some time in before the winter crunches us again. Last winter was really cold, then we had the most brutal summer in recent memory.. so hopefully we get a decent winter this year.

Must be starting to heat up for the Aussies. Looking at, it seems Sydney is in the mid 60s during the day. That's really nice... if just a tad chilly for me. Mid 70s is about perfect for me. I'm looking at the forecast for October and it says you'll be in the mid 70s pretty much the entire month. Very nice weather to be out doing things. We should be in the mid 70s also. I guess October is that month when we share similar weather conditions before we go to the opposite extremes.

That's one thing I'm probably not going to be fond of when we move to Toronto.. the winters.. Oh.. I know.. winter home!

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