Thursday, September 22, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

Openly gay service members present issues to the present framework and taxonomy of readiness, ultimately compromising our ability to be a superior fighting force. Service members will lose their lives as a result of this dangerous decision. Military readiness already has to battle political correctness, as well as the relationship between budgets and training. To force the units to also accept openly gay members will result in the death of some of our personnel. If the homosexuals truly appreciated our military, they would stand down, and leave their personal temper tantrums behind. - Douglass "ex-gay" Gibbs

Why is it that you, Doug, as a veteran of the military, in a very low rank, think you know more about the impact to the military of this policy then the top leaders - who obviously are all graduates of the finest American military academies, which you, of course, are not?

There are many other military forces around the world, including the Israelis, that have the same policy. There has never been an issue with it, and nobody has ever lost their lives to it. Why do you think the American military will have a problem when others don't?

By the way, I realize that because you are anti-military, you don't think that service members will be able to behave professionally in all cases. That isn't the case however. Our soldiers are the best in the world, and their discipline is bar none. You only think this will be a problem because you hate the military.

There's no going back. Same-sex rights will succeed and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

By the way, you should spell check your post, and when you use big words like "taxonomy", maybe look up the definition first.

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