Thursday, September 22, 2011

American Justice

Kid downloads 30 songs from a file-sharing network, gets handed a fine of $675,000.

The music industry is buying Congress in order to slap ordinary people with ridiculous fines. That's just how our government works. Each and every member of Congress (as well as the President) are bought.. corrupt.. hell bent on doing whatever they have to do to get rich from being elected.

That's why people run for office. It's not some altruistic notion of serving the nation and helping implement better policies. The point of the whole thing is to get rich.

Most people in the US don't realize that there are a whole lot of Americans whose sole purpose in life is to acquire massive wealth, and they will do it by any means necessary. They don't care a whit about the average American. They will sell you into slavery if it would make them a nickle.

That's just a byproduct of the American culture. It's immoral and corrupt. Those of us that try and do it the right way need to realize that we're only being honest as an aberration to the norm, and only because we would have a hard time with our conscience if we did it like most others do.

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