Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pew Pew Lazers

Mr. Riley and John's niece.. I normally don't post family pics, but that's a good shot and I don't think she'd be identified and discriminated against for being sorta related to me. It's just a bit unfortunate that a flash was used, and caused Riley to have eye lazers.

The niece is naturally photogenic. She should be working on a starting a modelling career.

This summer, Riley is sporting a short cut on his body, but we're working on getting the hair on his head a certain way, and it's going to take a while. He kind of looks odd right now, but we have a plan. Basically, we want the hair on the very top of his head to get very long, while the whiter parts on the side of his face and chin will get cut short. The black part of his beard will be grown out.. quite long.

This will give us some flexibility with his hair style.. which can be brought forward over his eyes in the traditional wheaten fashion.. or it can be swept back, or we can have it dread locked, and even dyed. It can be pulled into a comb or one of those designer type bands that can have it sit like a pony tail. We'll also would be able to braid his beard if we want, which might be interesting if it's about a foot long.

That's one of the cool things about wheatens. They don't shed, so the hair just keeps growing longer and longer, and the hair on his head is very thick and has a natural wave to it. In the picture, there's nothing special done with it, but it'll be fun to do his hair once it grows out quite a bit more.. maybe 6 more months worth.

He's had some issues with his ears, which seem prone to infection, but I think that's under control now. We just need to keep a close eye on it.

Personality wise, Riley is still the coolest dog on the planet. He's extremely smart, but very tuned to routine. He likes things a certain way... his food bowl has to be a certain bowl, and it has to be in the right spot on the floor. When he rides in the car, he has to be in the passenger seat and Token is not allowed on his side of the car. I guess he has OCDs.

Prior to it getting really hot, we'd sometimes take the dogs with us on shopping trips and leave the sun roof open part way while we shop. Riley could stick his head out. It was not uncommon for him to have a group of people around him by the time we got back to the car.. with Riley holding court. Really not kidding. It's weird when you come back to the Benz and Riley is entertaining strangers.

We're probably going to hold off getting another dog until we get a new house. The breed is still an issue, but I think we'll get a female.


I think I've mentioned before we own multiple homes.. and I went out to mine today to meet the insurance adjuster who was going to look at recent wind damage. I'm going to have a new roof put on and such.. but that's really not the point.

While there, we found a rather large turtle in the back yard. John thinks it was hanging out there because of the sprinkler system and the lack of water anywhere else.

I found a shoe box large enough to box him up, and John took him out to the 500 acre park near the house we live in, which has a very sizable pond. It's not a lake, but it's quite big. Anyway, John released the turtle on the bank of the pond and it made a beeline straight in and swam off. It'll have a very nice environment to live in now.

Turtle saved... kinda neat.


Steve said...

One of your multiple homes should be in DC, so I could live there...

Still no luck on the home front, DC got very expensive very quickly. Rent is through the roof these days and the competition is fierce for the good priced, well located homes.

There is absolutely nothing on the market either in the sub 400k range.

Tom said...

Can you get further out of the city that's near a train?

John says try Sterling or Leesburg Virgina. They should be in your price range and are near the train.

That wouldn't be bad.