Monday, June 13, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

The template for perfection, and happiness, then would be something presented under the laws of God. The laws of man are imperfect. The greed and lust for power of man would never allow utopia to last. Only through divine intervention is true happiness, contentment, and a perfect society, even possible. - Douglass "I like to appear homeless" Gibbs

Which is the exact same argument that islamic freaks use when insisting on "sharia law".

The irony of that would never occur to Doug.


Doug recently tried walk back the violent ideation of some jackass whose essays he posts on his blog, because I told him that I would ensure that local newspaper editors would know about their fantasizing about murders the next time he runs for city council.

This is exactly what that asshole said;

I admit it. I have talked about violence as a possible means for what ails this country; especially if liberals do not relinquish their hold over it and do not stop trying to fit the square peg of socialism into the round hole of reality. In my pamphlet “A Call For Reason”, I discussed in depth the options before Americans who are being assaulted by the lawless left. I said of the situation that violence, to strike back would indeed happen if words failed to persuade the illogical left, Hell bent on infringing upon inalienable rights, to stand down.

I don't know why Doug felt the need to elaborate on that. It's pretty self-explanatory.

I like that "Call For Reason" - "or we will murder you" bit though. Very entertaining.

It's just getting a bit annoying to me the way Doug keeps deleting off my comments, and then posts his own version of what I've said on his blog. That practice is dishonest, but quite in keeping with Doug's "values". As I've said many times, there is no better example of the sanity hanging by a thread right wing than Doug Gibbs.


Douglas V. Gibbs said...

As usual, you are an idiot. J.J. Jackson wrote that.

Tom said...

By "that asshole" I was referring to J.J. Jackson, you stupid fuck.

I even included the link for fucks sake... something you're too cowardly to do.

God damn you're stupid.