Thursday, June 16, 2011

They are the Champions

Well done, Mavericks and Bruins.

I've always been a fan of professional sports... was even a pretty good baseball player as a kid. I wasn't good enough to think of making a living at it, but every year as a kid, I played soccer, basketball and baseball on the league teams and school teams. I wasn't big enough to play football.

It's been hard for me to connect with any of the Dallas teams since moving here in 2002.. with the exception of the Cowboys. I was always a fan of the Cowboys as a kid because we didn't have the Cardinals back then. Even after the Cardinals showed up, I still preferred the Cowboys. There was always something about the 'Boys that was exciting. That excitement seems to be missing now.

Anyway.. I was happier to see LeBron James lose then see the Mavericks win. I remember during the season and playoffs all the comparison talk of James and Michael Jordan. James is no Jordan. Jordan won the playoffs for his teams.

Even the year when Jordan's Bulls beat the Charles Barkley lead Suns... while exceptionally disappointing, you had to credit Jordan (and blame Danny Ainge for leaving John Paxson alone on the 3 point line).

The story line in the NHL seriers is the Bruins goal-tender, Tim Thomas. He made his debut in the NHL in his 30s, after playing many years in the minors and in Europe and ends up the MVP of the playoffs.

I like this quote of his after the game;

"I was scared. I won't lie. I had nerves yesterday and today. I faked it as well as I could, and I faked my way all the way to the Stanley Cup."

In hockey, the better team generally wins but there is a lot of luck involved. The puck does crazy things.

It's unfortunate that the Vancouver fans showed a complete lack of any respect or class by booing the Bruins when they received the Stanley Cup. Then they had to riot in the streets.

Maybe Vancouver has become too "Americanized".

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