Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hell Frozen Over

Haven't had much to say lately.. but this bit is priceless.

Dennis Kucinich introduced legislation to force the US military out of the illegal war in Libya, and a bunch of Republican are getting behind it.

Again - that's Republicans supporting a bill that Dennis Kucinich wrote.

Republicans opposed to freedom bombs.

Holy fuck.

Anyway.. would somebody impeach Obama now? I realize that some people, with severe mental abnormalities, think that because the UN wants a war, that compels the US to send its military - but that's just defective thinking. Launching illegal wars should be something that gets a President booted out of office.

This country would have been much better off if Kucinich had been elected rather than Obama - but then, Kucinich has been tagged the "crazy guy" by the establishment. It's too bad because he probably has the most sensible position on what is important.

I just can't get over the fact that we elected a guy that's to the right of George Bush.

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