Thursday, May 26, 2011

Asshat Quote of the Day

I heard that Oprah Winfrey's final show was today. The world will be a better place without her. Her new age bull crap has destroyed more women than she cares. - Douglas "I don't hate anyone" Gibbs

Really? Holy fuck, you're a vile piece of shit.

Regardless what one thinks of Winfrey, she's done more professionally than you could ever dream of. Holy fuck, you can't even dress yourself decently.

She's done more for charitable organizations than you will ever do. You cannot even come close to the level of help for those in need than she has.

You are a speck of nothing in this world compared to Oprah Winfrey, and I'm not even a big fan of hers. I think "new age" bullshit is just as much a hoax as any other religion.

But compared to her, you are an insignificant piece of hateful shit that will never amount to anything. You can't even win a city council election... and cry about others cheating you.

Your entire life has been about people cheating you out of things.. hasn't it? That's why you've never accomplished anything at all.


Anonymous said...

Got in touch with my womanly side (kinda liked it) and watched her last three shows. Best part was when the 300+ guys that she supported via scholarships marched into the arena. There were over 400 in total. I guess if you have a billion dollars in the bank it is easy to do good things in a bigger than life setting. Way to for those less fortunate is such a cool thing.

Tom said...

It's impossible to know if she actually did charitable things out of her own sense of good will, or if she was simply a business woman with a keen sense of public relations.

Ya.. it's easy to put a few hundred kids through college if you have billions of dollars. But even if it was just PR - she still did a lot of good for people that the likes of Doug Gibbs never will.

I don't care for a lot of the shit she advocated, like homeopathy and such.. but people need to not be a slave to her opinion and think for themselves.

I was just floored when he said " The world will be a better place without her". That's really vile shit. But then, that's christianity for you. It's turned from the peace and love of the fictional character, Jesus, into a hatefest of moral condemnation and finger pointing by people who are the biggest pieces of shit in the world and are too stupid to realize it.

kris said...

Which wimmen were *destroyed* by Oprah or her new age bullshit, Doug?

Are there women cowering in a corner, their lives in a mess because of Oprah?

Doug just can't stop digging.