Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting it Backwards

Greenwald points out that Democrats are appealing to Democratic voters for money and votes, not by citing their accomplishments during the nearly 4 years they have controlled congress, and 2 years controlling the entire federal government with a "super majority", but rather by scaring people with the visage of Sarah Palin... as if that should frighten people like me. lol

Democratic politicians are so stupid that they don't understand a lot of us are now pulling for Sarah Palin to defeat Obama in the 2012 election, as well as a republican take-over of Congress.. because the only way people are going to figure out how crazy this new batch of "tea bagging" republicans are is to put them in power and let them run the entire show.

You thought ordinary Newt Gingrich style republicans were bat-shit insane? Wait until you see what these reaaaaaallly crazy fuckers do.

It's also worth highlighting, as Greenwald has done, that Obama has zero accomplishments for the "gay agenda" nearly half way through his first, and hopefully last, term in office.

Our nation has become a reality show... and it's about damn time that our politics completely reflect that. Heck, I'd imagine most Americans are total drama queens so why not cater the politics to that demographic? Most everything else in American life is becoming that way, so why not?

Ya.. so politics is supposed to be boring.. no name politicians doing the mundane task of setting up policy initiatives that benefit all the citizens of the nation and such. That's not how we roll in this celebrity worshipping culture now. Time to embrace Sarah Palin as President of the United States.

Imagine how good SNL will be during her first term.


Anonymous said...

Cheesy...but funny.


Tom said...

It's not "funny".. it's a ridiculously stupid anti-pelosi political ad.

Like I've said.. our poltics has become a circus of freaks and that ad is a good example of it..

When are these stupid fuckers going to grow up?

Dan said...

This is what I'm talking about.

If you were just apathetic, I'd understand. I'm apathetic to the proccess. However, you are actively campaigning for electing someone who you know will be a disaster and ruin many peoples lives because you are fairly insulated from any ramifications and you think it will eventually help those people.

Tom said...

Ya.. I guess there's a certain amount of anger and frustration that's causing me to say those sorts of things.

But.. like I said recently.. having the political landscape just most fucked up hasn't caused any real changes in the way things are done, nor implemented anything that would be a positive change for average Americans.

Remember.. when Atrios hopes for really bad unemployment numbers so that maybe that would encourage politicians to do something about it? And I extend that to a broader sense, hoping that if the politicians because real circus freaks, maybe something will change for the better.

In both cases.. mine and Atrios' view.. people will get hurt in the process.. but people are going to get hurt anyway. Might as well shock the system hard enough that we get real and meaningful reforms.

Plus I really do want to see Sarah Palin as President.