Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 1.1

Incidentally, I thought Carpenter was at least serviceable in his nickel role last year. That job is currently filled by 34-year-old Keith Brooking, who appeared beaten all to hell from playing just about every snap Sunday night. On Monday he was wearing a heavy wrap and ice around the shoulder he injured in the offseason.

Keith Brooking is a monster.. but the coaching staff should be fired for having him in pass coverage. Brooking is a run stopper.. he puts a hurt on running backs and encourages them to run to the other side. He's also 34 years old, and doesn't need to be expending energy that could be better used to smash people by chasing tight ends around the field.

Why don't the Cowboys have a nickle middle line-backer to spell Brooking? Why isn't Sean Lee playing that position?

What the fuck is going on with this team?

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