Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 beta today. I installed it. It's not that much different. It's a bit leaner looking, but the web pages are still web pages. The border is translucent, but.. you know.. whatever.

There comes a point with software where you really can't do much more. It's like the operating system. I really like Windows 7, but I could still be running XP and it would work just fine.


I had to put blogger in "compatability mode" in order to publish this post.


aggghhhhhhhh MSN poker isn't working now.. might not have anything to do with the new browser, but if it does.. LOL

/update 2
Yep.. it's not working. MS released a browser that doesn't work with their own gaming web site. Not only that, but you can't uninstall plug-ins to see if reloading them in the new IE would fix the problem.

I get the whole "it's a beta" thing.. but ya.. pretty funny.

/update 3

So ya.. went back to IE8. The new browser isn't ready for prime-time.

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