Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fuck Your Nutzoid Relics

Why would Obama get involved in the drama of some nut christian freak threatening to burn a Quran? By saying anything at all about it, he lends credibility that the act is anything more than burning some silly book. I suppose because Obama thinks the christian book is "sacred" the muslim book should be also.


It's a collection of silly superstitions, and burning it means nothing more than burning any other book. It's a stupid thing to do, unless you're using it for kindling, but seriously.. Obama? Stay the fuck out of controversial pop culture.. okay? Christ

Turns out the jackass isn't going to light it on fire now. By making it a huge issue in the media in the first place, it appears the muslims have "won" - even when they were not involved in the first place.

You want to know why this country is on the express train to hell? It's because anybody gives a fuck about some lunatic threatening to burn a book. That's why.

Can we PLEASE finally just carve out a nice big piece of land and put Doug and the Loon Brigade there with Mohamed and his Loons? Lots of cameras and pay-per-view to cover expenses. Fun for the whole family.

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