Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mud Puppy

We've had severe storms in DF/W.. and Mr. Riley decided to take a mud bath in the back yard. He had that "look at me daddy!@!!" look on him.. very pleased with what he had done.. so picture me running semi-naked through the house carrying a Wheaten, headed to the shower.

For some reason he turns into a complete spaz when he's just out of the shower. Oh.. and best not picture me running semi-naked through the house, unless you're into guys.. say.. Daniel Craig looking guys.... (and not related to me either.. ewwwwww)


I just got a work related call.. sort of strange. Apparently my MegaCorp manager is ooo, and this person picked me out of the list of people that report to her to call with a question. This question related to hardware configurations for an SQL server, which is obviously not my expertise. He was asking about CPU requirements and so on for this server.. and I politely dismissed him with an explanation of what I do, and apologized for not being able to assist.

That's not the strange part. The strange part is this person was speaking in Ebonics, and my ability to translate technical terminology from Ebonics to English is rather weak. Traditionally, you don't expect that sort of.. accent, I'd guess you'd call it.. with a work related issue. I'm used to not being able to understanding Indians, Koreans, and Middle Eastern types.. but that was the very first time that Snoop Dog has called me on a work related issue.

It's not a racist thing, I don't think. Is it? I work with a number of black IT people, one of the most frequent is from England and he's got this clipped Brit accent but he's good at speaking so Americans can understand him. I suppose it could be considered quite a considerable accomplishment that someone from Compton has earned the credentials to work on IT related matters at a large corporation.

I just wish I had been involved in his job interview.

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