Monday, September 13, 2010

Asshat Quote of the Day

Again, I thought it would get worse before it got better on the right. But that we have propagandistic, intellectually dishonest dreck like this coming from their brightest stars - and that large swathes of the American public seem to be buying it - brings one close to despair. - Andrew Sullivan

I've finally got it. Sullivan has battered wife syndrome. He desperately loves the conservative.. wants to continue serving it.. but the conservative keeps bitch slapping him and telling him to go fix a chicken pot pie.

Secretly, Sullivan loves it. He yearns for it. He knows he's a bottom bitch, and doesn't feel right if somebody isn't abusing him.

Sure.. it brings him "close" to despair, but no matter how hard they slap him around, and call him a stupid bitch, he can never finally get to full-on "despair" and pack up his shit and leave the asshole that's been abusing him for 30 years. He never will.. because that would mean he'd have to confront what a weak willed, low self-esteem bitch he's been for his entire adult life.. and that all those lefties that were pointing at him and laughing were right all along.

This is also why he is still a catholic.

There is absolutely nothing that will cause Sullivan to stop his hand wringing about the conservative daddy that keeps back-handing him. He'll weep silently when nobody is watching, but he'll put on the brave face and get bitch slapped again.

And like it.

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