Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Shit Up

For about the millionth time, Doug makes up what "Liberals advocate" - completely misrepresenting modern Liberal thought.. and ignoring any attempts to set the record straight.

Some liberals are willing to admit that they hate capitalism, but usually they refuse to admit it because such a proclamation is patently absurd, partly because it is the free market system that has made this nation prosper for over 200 years, and partly because it is capitalism that enabled those very same liberals to reach the success they currently enjoy. In fact, in some cases, I believe that many of those liberals are even unwilling to admit to themselves their disdain for capitalism. However, their policies scream that capitalism is the enemy, and the free market is (according to liberals) the enemy to "fairness."

The way this works is that Doug lies about Liberal views, and then deletes any attempt to rebut his bizarre assertions. He writes the same post over and over, and somehow thinks he's making a coherent argument rather than the inane and senseless arguments that's he's obviously so fond of.

Anyway.. the comment I left for him that he'll delete because he simply doesn't have the synaptec resources to deal with it.

I don't know any Liberals who "hate capitalism". The vast majority have thrived in it, including me and my partner. Our incomes dwarf.. say.. yours (your trust fund not withstanding). I'm a high paid engineer, and my partner owns a real-estate company that is doing well. This is a product of Capitalism.

We don't think the government should try to force an "equal outcome". We think you get out of this world what you put into it.

We think financial deregulation lead to the current economic mess. We think certain industries need to be well regulated less they damage core American principles out of a sense of immediate greed.

We think we should pay a higher burden of the taxes because we have a lot more money than most people. Changing the tax rates back to what they were during the Reagan administration won't hurt us. We'll still have enough money to spend 2 weeks on a tropical island every year if we want to.. or buy expensive cars.. or buy pretty much anything we want that isn't a private jet.

Conversely, reliving the tax burden on the middle class and poor will allow them to be able to eat a decent meal, live in decent housing, and maybe even send their kids to college. If we had a flat tax, we'd be able to do even more fun and fabulous things, and the poor and middle class would be in big trouble.

But of course, China's economy is not "capitalist" - it's all tightly controlled by the central party. Even their monetary base is strictly controlled, and that's part of the problem we have with them.

Doug, this is yet another one of those posts where you make claims about what "liberals believe" - and I tell you, no, that's not it at all.. and then you delete my post because it doesn't match up to your fantasy of the evil Liberals. You have no interest in what we're actually advocating because it might just make too much sense.. so you completely make things up.. reference nothing.. provide zero proof.. and delete off any dissenting opinion.

That's just how you roll Doug.. it's the same thing over and over. Aren't you getting tired of writing the same post over and over yet? You could just start copy/pasting old posts and save a lot of time. After all.. you're spending most of your day driving your big rig. Right?

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