Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 1

That was a pretty bad game.. really really bad.

Jason Garret is an awful offensive coordinator and he's awful at calling plays. He needs to go before the Cowboys can progress. He's not going to go. I'm revising my prediction that the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl. I think their record will be 8-8.. maybe 9-7 at best. They are not going to play any teams easier than Washington, and they are not going to make the playoffs.

Garret called 3 quick outs to Dez Bryant in the same series. None of them gained any yardage. I think pro-bowl tight end Jason Witten had 1 catch the entire game. Just because you got a shiny new toy in the draft does not mean you have to force feed him.

Garret called a trick play in the first drive in the 'Skins red zone, with Marion Barber attempting to pass. That's admitting that the regular offense isn't good enough to score a touch down against Washington. Seriously.. trick plays where the running back, who has probably never completed a pass in the NFL, is attempting to throw a touchdown pass.. in the first game of the season.. against Washington?

I can't stress enough how bad Jason Garret is, but we all know that he's not going anywhere. Jerry Jones will not fire him this season, but after the failure that this season becomes, we'll have a new head coach and offensive coordinator next year.

Tashard Choice should be cut for fumbling at the end of the first half. It was Garret's fault for calling the play in the first place (another reason he should be fired) but not understanding the situation and fumbling means he's not smart enough to play NFL football and should be cut. If you can't cut him, just save him in case one of the other running backs gets injured.

And that's the problem with the Cowboys. Jerry Jones has a habit of signing very athletic players, but they're not always very smart. Dumb plays abound, and it's been dooming this team season after season. It probably sounds racist, but when you sign thugs because they have mutant like bodies.. you're going to get the really stupid that comes along with it.

The Washington Redskins? Really? The Cowboys lost that game? Their right tackle had something like 35 holding calls on him, the last one negating the game winning touch down? Really?

At least Miles Austin picked up where he left off last season. During replays they showed the difference between Austin and Roy Williams... the speed, the ability to break a route. Austin was tremendous. Mike Jenkins was also terrific. Doug Free did a pretty good job with the exception of one penalty.

Roy Williams needs to be cut. Jerry Jones was an idiot for ever signing him. He's a washout in the NFL, but making 9 mil a year. Everyone knows that.

The defense didn't create any turn-overs. They were decent enough, but when they play the likes of New Orleans, they are going to get stomped.

I made the mistake of getting a bit over excited during the off season. I forgot that this is the Dallas Cowboys. They have more talent than any other team in the league. They are dumber than any team in the league.

For some reason they remind me of Barack Obama.


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – With their index fingers in the air, players at half of the 12 NFL afternoon games Sunday, including four-time MVP Peyton Manning, showed their solidarity in support of the union in collective bargaining negotiations.

At Houston, about a dozen Colts, led by Manning, and nearly all of the Texans held up their index fingers just after the national anthem. Fans briefly booed the gesture.

Apparently the fans support the owners monopolistic control of the game.. support the owners increasing their wealth on the backs of the players, and support paying ridiculous ticket prices.

Either that or most Americans, including those that go to football games, are stupid as fuck. I'll wager on the later.


Dan said...

I think fans don't want a lock out, so they will boo anything having to do with CBA negotiations.

Or they're just stupid. It is Texas....

Tom said...

Ya.. a lock out.. not a work stoppage, or a strike by the CBA.. and the fans boo the players?

In a circumstance with some uncertainty, going with "stupid" is the safer bet.

Dan said...

I think they'd boo the owners too, but you're probably right.