Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're Fucked, Again

And by we, I mean people who are unemployed, or about to be unemployed. This includes millions of people who were approaching retirement age, but now find they can't find a job. The situation is more dire as President Obama is leading a commission to raise the age of retirement, so that these unemployed older Americans that might scrape by until retirement age will find that retirement age raised.. by the Democrats. Cat food in the park for grandma and grandpa.

This will also impact younger workers who will be making less money, and having to work longer before retiring, if Social Security benefits are necessary to retire.

There really is nothing wrong with Social Security or Medicare, but there is a meme being perpetuated, even by Democrats, that insist benefits must be slashed in order for the programs to remain solvent. They are liars. Worse than liars, they are doing this intentionally, knowing that what they are proposing is not necessary but merely bowing to the class warfare that demands that "welfare" be eliminated.. even if you've spent your entire working life paying into it.

I suppose it goes without saying that Obama has done a 180 on the programs since getting elected. This is because Obama is a terrible president, who hopefully only serves one term.

The economic situation is only going to get worse. I hope you have a lot of cash, or liquid assets available.

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