Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stupid As Fuck

In the wake of Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s decision to end her radio show after repeatedly using a racial epithet, she’s spent quite a bit of time talking about freedom of speech. “I want to regain my First Amendment rights,” Schlessinger said, contending that special-interest groups were limiting her freedom to express herself.

It's pretty unbelievable that somebody that has the credentials to be referred to as a doctor can be that dumb. It really is amazing. I'm not surprised that other douchebag, Sarah Palin, has come to her defense.

It's really quite simple.. freedom of speech means that you can say whatever the fuck you want to say, and you will not be arrested for it.. or prosecuted.. or put in jail. It's not illegal to say whatever the fuck you want to say, with very few exceptions (like threatening the President, for example).

The guarantee of "freedom of speech" does NOT mean that anything you say can be said with no consequences what so ever.

I see this all the time.. that stupid as fuck jackass, Doug Gibbs, uses the same argument that Schlessinger is using over and over. You can say whatever you want.. but that doesn't mean that people aren't going to think you're an asshole for saying it. That doesn't mean that people might fire your stupid ass from your job. That doesn't mean you're not a scumbag that other people will criticize.

What is depressing to me is that people like Laura Schlessinger make a fuck-ton of money being professional douchebags. They get talked about in the incestuous media as a means of publicity. The stupid bitch will go on to make more money from having being an insensitive asshole. In fact, I wouldn't be the least surprised if she set the whole thing up and did it on purpose.

That's how this world works. There is NO justice in it, at all. I'll bet even Mel Gibson makes money off being the biggest douchebag in the universe.

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