Sunday, August 08, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday

Well.. half birthday anyway. Riley is 6 months old today.. and still growing like mad.

He didn't seem too pleased after the shower and blow dry...


Dan said...

I'm guessing you sleep on the left side of the bed.

Tom said...

Actually.. no..

and Chaquita had straightened that up 2 days before.

Dan said...

Huh. The way you described your meticulous set up of your computer, I figured you wouldn't have all the stuff on the dresser on the right.

Tom said...

The dresser on the right is John's stuff.. mine is the other side and has only the lamp and book on it. I probably didn't explain that correctly.

Strangely enough, I was just in there and it's been mysteriously straightened up.. hmmmm..

I typically do not like dog's in the bed when sleeping.. but Riley seems to like to stretch out and lay right against the foot board.. or whatever it's called... so it's not a problem. He's really an awesome dog. Couldn't ask for better personality and such.

Those are faux wood shutters.. very nice for the bedroom because you can close them and the doors and it pretty much seals out all the light. Highly reccomended for window treatments. They also help with energy costs.