Monday, August 09, 2010

Week -5

Just for the record, now that Flozell Adams is gone, the person I will pick on the most will be offensive coordinator Jason Garret.

The Cowboys first drive looked solid, getting to the 3 yard line. Why they would have Felix Jones carry instead of Marion Barber is a mystery. After Jones fumbled into the end zone, but the play being reset on a defensive penalty, Garret called 3 successive pass plays that failed.

On 1st and 10 at the 3 yard line you do NOT try and throw the ball 3 times when you have a line like the Cowboys. You ram it in there with Marion Barber. Period.

Garret was awful in the play calling last year, and I don't expect that to change this year.

Good news; John Phillips looked exactly like Jason Witten at the tight end position. Bad news; he tore an ACL and won't be playing this year. Martellus Bennet keeps getting heaps of praise at the position, but he's never done a thing that I've seen. He reminds me of Roy Williams. Fail.

Kicking.. kicking.. kicking.. for fuck's sake. Buehler hits a couple of chip shots that look like they're about to hit the goal post.. and then from 49 yards, I would have been closer to the goal posts kicking it myself. The Cowboys simply cannot kick from 40+ yards this year. They're going to have to rely on the offense to convert 4th downs.

So the guy can boot it into the end zone on a kickoff. Awesome. Now let's get a real kicker, shall we? I'll predict 3 losses this year as a result of missed field goals.

Doug Free.. flawless. Baron comes in at left tackle and the defensive end proceeds to run right around him as if Baron was doing an imitation of Flozell Adams.. and hits John Kitna's back side. The Cowboys are short in talent on the O line after the starters. If somebody get's hurt, they don't have anyone of Free's caliber to step in like last year.

Roy Williams caught a pass.. Finally.

Kitna.. had to scramble a bit but can still throw the ball. The Cowboys can win some games if he needs to start. Stephen McGee can't play. Jerry Jones needs to go find another prospect at QB. The team really needs a young QB with potential to lead the team if we lose Romo. Kitna is nearly my age, and he's perfect for emergency situations since he's got a ton of real experience, but the team needs some young talent. McGee isn't it.

Finally.. injuries suck. They really do. It's as if the players are getting so strong and so fast, but their bodies can't take the extra punishment. There's a huge difference between the first string and second string. After the starters from both teams came out, the game reminded me of the high school games I officiated.

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