Monday, August 23, 2010

Stupid as it Ever Was

Doug refers to me as the "liberal commenter" again, and then piles on a stunning, breath taking, level of stupidity.

A liberal commenter left the following: "Can you point out one place in the bible (any version is okay) where it describes anything remotely similar to a democracy in government? I thought not. How about the Constitution. Anything about god or Jesus in there? Nope.. not a word. Nor do you even describe what "Biblical principles" made it into the Constitution. How about just one? Just one principle that went from the Bible to the Constitution."

And the comment that I left for him that he'll have to delete... It's weird he keeps doing this. He must think he's getting the upper hand in the debate, and he's making a more persuasive argument.. otherwise he'd just stop doing it, right?

He's compeltely delusional.


Referring to me as a "Liberal commenter" again? I still find that a very strange way to debate. You'll end up deleting off any subsequent comments to ensure you get the last word as well. It's a true form of intellectual cowardice. That's just how you operate.

I do like the ad hominem about my referring to our form of government as a "democracy". Everyone knows it's technically a Constitutional Republic, and not a pure democracy, however it's very commonly referred to as a democracy because we do regularly vote for our representatives. I'm sure even your Lord and Savior, Ronald Reagan, referred to it as a democracy from time to time.

The really funny part is your accusation that I'm "poorly educated" when you are the one that was kicked out of university.. claimed you were "black balled" by some professor, and refused to complete any upper education. I know.. I know.. Liberal institutions of lies can't teach you anything. I end up in an engineering job, and you end up driving a truck.. and I'm the one lacking the education.

Still.. you didn't answer the question I posed, and all you did was include some quotes. These "moral" issues you refer to pre-date christianity, and the old testament itself. You do know that right? You do know that even the ancient Spartans had a model of government much more closely aligned with the US, and that they had "morality" in their laws which pre-date even the old testament?

You are aware that "moral principles" of the 10 commandments are predated by many other such "commandments" from other civilizations and did not suddenly spring into existence starting with the writing of the dead sea scrolls. Right?

I mean.. you, being far better educated than I, understand that all of these precepts that you claim influenced the writing of the US Constitution are simple knock-offs of previous civilizations? It has absolutely nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with secular morality.

You seem to think that a person has to be religious to be moral, but if that's the case for an individual.. say.. it's the case for you.. then that says more about you than it does about religion. Right?

Are you saying that you can't be a moral person without Jesus, Doug? Are you really that weak? Is that really true? Would you lie, cheat, and steal if not for some rocks that were chiseled by the magic sky wizard?




In a different post, Doug approved one of my comments and promptly lost his fucking mind.. or what's left of it.

Douglas V. Gibbs
Obama spent more time on the golf course in his first year than George did during his entire 8 years. Please. The piece of crap you call a President is on vacation every time we turn around, makes a lot of speeches to try to sell his unpopular political madness, and is calling his opposition names. This is not counting the endless photo ops, television appearances, and smug press conferences. He spends his time dictating, and trying to rule, instead of governing and partnering with the people. The man is a Marxist through and through, disdains our military, ignores the Constitution, encourages Congress to force through unpopular and unAmerican legislation, vacations often on our dime, his wife vacations often on our dime (i.e. Spain), and he golfs ten times more often than Bush did, and you have the idiot cajones to try to compare Bush to Obama as if Obama is something even remotely presidential? The guy in the White House is an inexperienced, incompetent buffoon with the aim to change this country into a socialist failed society. I can't even believe I approved your idiotic comment. Oh, and being educated definitely does not make someone smart, and you are a great example of that. Oh, and thanks for putting down blue collar America in your last comment. Be glad I deleted it. It was vile, and elitist. You are obviously a liberal. Only liberals are such legends in their own minds.

and my witty retort;

Wow.. you've completely lost your mind. You just went on a spittle flying tirade over Presidential vacation time?

And last I checked, it was considered a virtue to work hard, go to college.. become educated.. land that white collar professional job and exceed at it... rather than skipping university and settling for a manual job.

Are medical doctors "elitist"? Are scientists? Are engineers? Are professional people "elitist"? Are we jerks for aspiring to more than a blue collar job and actually making it happen?

But in the context of your insulting me about education - I made the comment about you.. not about anybody else.. just you.

There are a lot of people who work hard at their job. They may not be performing brain surgery, but they've done the best they could. There's nothing wrong with a blue collar job, and taking pride in doing it well.

What I was talking about was YOU insulting me about education while my achievements professionally dwarf yours. This was personal, and had nothing to do with blue collar Americans. It was about you and your 172 IQ, and your failure at everything, and the insignificant contribution you're making to society.

Today, across this nation's VA hospitals, surgeons are treating soldiers in operating rooms and out-patient clinics using systems and software that me and other very skilled engineers developed.

You managed not to get in an accident at work today.

And for the record.. Obama has taken less vacation days than Chimpy.

I just can't get over how Doug digs himself in deeper and deeper into the stupid. You'd think he'd give up once he's been demonstrated a complete fucking idiot for about the 1000th time.


kris said...

In the Doug-world time-line of history, there is only the Bible and then the Constitution -

no intervening Enlightenment

no St Thomas Aquinas

no Hobbes

no Locke

no Rousseau

no Thomas More

no Montesquieu

no lawyers

no Masons

Just the Bible, the Constitution and Doug and his pal "Loki", its latter-day defenders, equipped with inverted snobbery, glorying in their know-nothingness. They are not here to learn, they are here to "teach". How dare you have the temerity to observe their intellectual nakedness.

kris said...

BTW, his utter knowledge-fail in respect of the above explains his complete misunderstanding of what the Constitutional entrenchment of rights means to minorities of all description.

It also gives a glimpse into his irrational and ill-conceived understanding of the role of the Judiciary.

Kor said...

I can shut down a good chunk of public health care...

I remind myself of that every so often when I'm at work.

Tom said...

Well, that's right. Doug would have to deny the existence of the Egyptian "Book of the Dead" because it is the source of the Hebrew 10 commandments.. thus, the American form of government is established on ancient Egyptian principles... which means our government is Muslim and must be destroyed.. lol

It is true that Doug thinks that manking was poofed into existence 6000 years ago.. where god scribbled on some rocks that Charlton Heaston gave to the world.. then god had himself implanted into the womb of a virgin so that he could work as a carpenter and get crucified.. thus spawning the entire moral foundation that all of the members of the American Constitutional Convention swore was true.. resulting in God writing the American Constitution.. and if we take God out of the Constitution, everyone will go ape shit and disrespect their parents..

or something.