Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Asshat Quote of the Day

Common sense would dictate that now is not the right time to be throwing millions of dollars into a facility when the economy is taking a nose dive. - Douglass "Screw yer libtard skewls" Gibbs

Doug is bitching about a $578 million dollar public school, built in Los Angeles.

See.. when a nation's economy is depressed, and demand is low because unemployment is high and people just don't have any any money, it's best that the government spend as little money as possible. That way, those unemployed construction workers can continue to be unemployed and collect unemployment checks.

But wait.. if we cut off unemployment benefits, that would force the slackers to find new jobs.. which won't exist because nobody is spending money on new projects, especially not the government.

Yep.. the best way to fix a struggling economy is to stop economic activity, and everything will suddenly spring back into balance.

^^ That's the "stupid as fuck" view of the economy anyway.

The not-stupid-as-fuck view would notice the government bonds are at 2.5% percent - meaning that the government can borrow money at ridiculously low interest rates, spend it on.. say.. building schools, repairing bridges, fixing roads and sewers.. maybe building some nuke plants. You know.. fixing shit that's gone neglected for decades.

What would that do? Well, for one.. it would put those lazy slackers back to work earning money so they can eat and have a roof over their heads. It would put some money out there so people can buy other goods and services, and revitalize the economy. It would fix some fucked up infrastructure in this country.

But noooooooo... we must stop all non-necessary spending. And by "non-necessary", I mean everything that does not have to do with killing brown people. That must continue.

I remember back when Obama proposed the "stimulus". Most economists thought it fell well short of what was needed to reverse the direction of the economy. Because we knew it would fail to do anything but prevent a new "Great Depression" (which is a noble enough cause), we knew the Loon Brigade would paint the whole thing as a dismal failure and "liberal economics" (i.e., Keynesian economics) as a failed experiment.

Thus was pushed back, Liberalism for decades to come.. and also, more importantly, ensuring that the economy would suck for a very long time.

You know.. that's all well and good if you have money.. because inflation is basically dead.. but very low inflation really isn't good for the economy either.

The whole point being.. once again, Doug is stupid as fuck, and Obama is a terrible President that has ruined the opportunity to demonstrate how liberal political ideology really is superior to conservatism.

Now.. just let it all burn. I simply cannot wait for the next presidential campaign. Sarah Palin is so awesome.


kris said...

Tom, if only you would realize that kids are better off being home-schooled but people who don't have a clue wtf they're talking about, the world would be a better place.

A god forbid kids go to school in a modern building which facilitates learning.

If their parents won't homeschool their kids, let the market decide: turn them loose on the streets and we can arrest them and put em in our state of the art prisons!

don't you know anything, you liberal commenter!?

Tom said...

Ya, I need to redesign the blog banner to read "The Liberal Commenter".