Monday, August 23, 2010

Bad Vibrations

Went to see my eye doc today. They really are terrible about explaining all the components of the process of having cataract surgery with Cyrstalens implants.

Apparently everyone who gets Crystalens has the yagg laser capsulotomy procedure. They did my right eye today. It basically burns off the back side of the capsular bag with a laser. It's a weird sensation. It feels like somebody is tapping on the back side of your skull, from the inside, with a metal rod. It doesn't hurt, but it's weird. This breaks off the pieces of the bag, which then are free to float around in your eyeball for a while.. until the cells die off and are absorbed into the rest of your eye tissue, and carted off out of your body the same way that other dead cells in your body are ejected.

My right eye vision at a distance has been pretty bad. They want to see how much, if any, it'll improve with this procedure before considering the LASIK to dial it in. What kind of disturbed me was that the doctor suggested they might just leave it as is as a sort of mono-vision. I was surprised she even mentioned that, but then I feel like they are sometimes just guessing at things, while I'm sure they know exactly what they are doing.. it's just they don't communicate that well.

In any case.. Dr. Whitman says I can resume working out, so I'll be in the gym tomorrow.

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