Saturday, August 07, 2010

Bad Movie Plots

This really can't be for real.

Guy kills somebody.. goes to prison. He gets a new cellmate who he doesn't like, so he tells the warden that he's going to kill the guy if they don't move him. They don't move him. He kills the guy.

Bad guy tells everyone that unless he gets the death penalty for killing the second guy, he's going to kill somebody else. He doesn't get the death penalty, so makes friends with another prisoner. The closest contact they have is an exercise yard where they are in separate cages. Bad guys tells his new buddy that he made him a gang necklace and had the guy come close enough so could put it on him (as opposed to handing it to him) by reaching through the cage. Turns out it's a noose made out of bed sheets, and he strangles him to death.

I would probably take seriously anything the bad guy says now.

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