Sunday, January 13, 2013

Phone a Friend

I spoke to a total of 4 people today, plus the usual Ghost John.  That's more than usual.

I left a stack of pictures of John and his dogs, which were taken before I met him, on a counter.  There are multiple copies of different photos in the stack.  I left a particular one on the top.  Today I noticed that a different picture was on top.  I need to ask Rex if he was looking at them.

Yes, I keep looking for messages from John.  Why does there appear to be a rule that the dearly departed can't be more obvious?

In 2009, John setup a Facebook account for me without asking me if I wanted one.  I really didn't.  I think he did it so he could change his relationship status.  I hadn't used it much at all until recently. 

Did I tell that story before?

Anyway.. I was looking for Steve, and apparently he's avoiding FB.. but I found Brandon.  Thanks for letting him know, Steve.  Randy appears to be avoiding it also. 

I still haven't been able to play a video game.  I thought about trying the racing game I've invested in, but I just can't.  It seems wrong.  It's like I'm not supposed to enjoy anything now because it would be disrespectful.  I know what others would say about that, but 'rational' doesn't have anything to do with me right now.

Okay, so spoke to 4 people and texted Brandon.  He didn't know whether or not he should call me.  Nobody knows how to react to this situation.  I didn't either, until now.  The right answer is to give a few days and then call and ask if there's anything you can do.  Just listening makes a difference.

Thinking about the whole game thing a little more, it occurred to me that with the exception of John, I've had more interaction with Steve and Brandon than anyone else.. especially Brandon because we played a huge amount of WoW (lately arena) together.  It's not easy to find friends that share the same interests in the 'real world'.

Riley has a toy with some rope on it. There's a knot in the rope. He untied it. He's pretty smart.

And yes, I'm feeling a little better, but then it's evening and the ever popular Better Living Through Chemistry.  I'm quite sure I'll wake up tomorrow and be jittery and dreading getting out of bed.


Steve said...

Hmm.. I didn't get a friend request from ya. You sure you found the right Steve?

Michael said...

Hey Tom,

Iv noticed that all my friends are spread out and my friends in my immediate area are few. I started to think this is because I spend excessive amounts of time playing games inside instead of "getting out".

So to change that two years ago I joined a local Musical Theatre company. I didn't even take drama is highschool. Its a very entertaining experience with a big range of needs from actors to musicians to tech geeks.

Last year I join a sailing club. I have never gone sailing before. Im loving every minute of it, it takes skill, its competitive and it takes practice. Much like video games.

Have you considered trying out new hobbies?

Kind Regards,

Anonymous said...

I don't see a request either. I have one for Family (lurk more on this one) and one for my other Family. Which one would you like to have?