Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Continuing Saga

... of the shitty medical condition I have..

So, I got the test results back a couple weeks ago.  There's no sign of adrenal insufficiency, nor inflammation.  Basically, everything was normal except some vitamin D deficiency.  Adding more via vitamin supplements hasn't had an effect.

I'm seeing a new ENT on the 21st.  He's Indian.  I know.. right?  Every single doctor my PCP refers me to is Indian.

Anyway.. my new theory is that I have some sort of infection in my sinuses or middle ear that is causing the mucus in the middle ear to thicken and block the Eustachian tubes, thus increasing the pressure and causing the ringing.

I've been wrong about every theory so far.. I think.  If this doesn't pan out, maybe I'll just have them cut the nerves so I'm stone cold deaf.  That might be better than 24/7/365/whatever-time-I-have-left ringing in my ears.

Maybe it's an allergy of some sort.

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