Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A Schadenfreude Victory

So... Obama.  Ya, we all knew that was going to happen, and I meant what I said in the past about hoping he'd lose to Romney.  Obama's record on civil liberties and the rule of law is horrifying, and civil liberties are more important than anything else.  It's what ensures that the American people are free from a government that can commit the most vile atrocities.

Obama completely ignored all the law breaking during the Bush administration by handing out a blanket immunity to prosecution for innumerable atrocities, including murder and torture.  The telcos that facilitated warrantless wire taps were ignored. The list of crimes is massive, all swept under the rug by the Obama administration.

Then Obama proceeded to compile a list of of human beings that would be assassinated, far from any battlefield, including Americans, without any due process of law.  This ended up blowing children to pieces in front of their families, dramatically increasing the hostility of those who would do us harm.

Even the 'health care reform' that was passed is highly flawed, and includes giveaways to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.  It's not a single payer system, which would be vastly superior. It does have some positive provisions, and given the choice between the shitty HCR law and nothing, the shit is worth having.

Obama has also been dreadful handling the economic mess handed to him by the republicans. He ignored the tried and true Keynesian economic principles that ended the Great Depression, opting instead of half measures that gave the economy some stimulus - enough to prevent a catastrophic melt-down, but not enough to increase GDP to a point where revenues would offset the deficit.

Obama also ignored the vast excesses and law-breaking on Wall Street.  He handed them huge piles of cash, but asked for zero accountability in return.

Would Romney have been worse?  Of course.. but it's no justification for ignoring Obama's horrendous failures.

There have been some positive outcomes from the elections in that the Loon Brigade are losing their fucking minds.  That's so awesome.  Same-sex marriage was approved via voting in 2 states, and a prohibition to marriage equality was defeated in a 3rd.  An open lesbian was voted into the US Senate.  That's pretty amazing.  In fact, the tea bagging republican senators got their asses beat down.

Let's just hope that now that Obama won't face any more elections, he might actually become the politician we voted for in 2008.

The election was a complete and total rebuke of the kind of crazy-as-fuck right wing lunacy that Doug Gibbs represents.  Doug predicted a Romney "landslide".  Reality is closing in on his delusions, but the great part is that Doug is digging his heels in.  The tea bagging right wing is going to be at war from republican candidates that actually want to win an election.  It'll be glorious to watch.

Doug wrote a really perfect screed about how screwed America is now, for being so stupid as to elect Obama and the democrats.  It's so awesome.  Let's have a look at some of the better parts;
When you look at the county by county map, Romney won overwhelmingly.
Right.. if the election was decided by land mass rather than the number of people voting, Romney wins in a land-slide!

Holy fuck he's a dim bulb.  But wait.. there's more!
Someone asked me today what would happen if Obama won tonight. I said that in a year to a year and a half we would see an economic meltdown that would make the last few years look like a cake-walk.  I'm not talking apocalypse, or anything, but it is going to get really difficult.  Obamacare, if the republican House of Representatives doesn't find a way to defund it, and if the States don't nullify it, will completely destroy the private health insurance industry, and the federal government will become the sole payer of health care.  This will allow them to grab more control of your lives.
Meanwhile, we will see the punitive taxation the democrats have been calling for, which will further damage production.  Growth will be at a stand-still. The market will crash. The democrats will then turn to more fascism, where they regulate the private industries harshly, stamping out free market decisions.
I like how he insists it's not an "apocalypse", but then goes on to describe a fucking zombie apocalypse!

Like everything that Doug predicts, it doesn't happen.  It is just simply amazing to me that he continually makes predictions and is continually wrong, and it never occurs to him that his point of view is simply.. wrong.  I've never seen anyone with such a singular ability to be proven wrong over and over again, but insist that this time, he'll get it right.  He is completely insane.. literally.

Anyway.. I left some gloating messages for him, including one before the election where he predicted a Romney land-slide victory.  I predicted 313 EVs for Obama, and it looks like it's going to be 312.  As usual, I'm right and Doug is wrong.

He's deleting everything off, of course.. but here it is anyway.

I see you're making more predictions here Doug.. about health care, the economy, stock markets.
Doesn't it ever occur to you that you've been so wrong about so many things so often, that maybe this time you have no idea what you're talking about?  Are you so ideologically blind that you can't even see what's right in front of you?
Shall we check back in 2 years and see that you're just being you - wrong?
Remember when I said it would be 313 EVs for Obama?  Looks like it's going to be 312.  I'm always right - you're always wrong.  Is reality too much for you to bear?
Marriage equality votes have passed in Maryland and Maine.  A referendum in Minnesota to prohibit same-sex marriage is being defeated.  The tide is turning on same-sex marriage, and it's not going to be long before it's the law in every state.
And guess who gets to pick some more Supreme Court justices? Isn't Scalia about ready to retire?  Maybe Thomas as well.
You're always wrong, Doug.  You just can't shake the fantasies that grip you.
I'll make another prediction.  Your fringe ideology is only going to become more and more fringe and disdained.  You'll cling to it with desperation because you've built your entire identity around it.  But it's crumbling right before your eyes.  Can't you feel that?

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kris said...

Oh, Barry *is* Bush-lite - & has failed to carry out his promises.

But, despite all of his failings, Mitt for Brains Romney is an even bigger Neo-Con.

What I struggle to understand is how Tea Party Republicans could get on-board for Romney when, rather than cutting the deficit, he & the boy Ryan were all for Reagan-esque tax cuts and increase in military spending.

Look to the UK, people: cutting "entitlements" is a mere drop in the ocean of Government debt.

David Cameron and his merry band of idiots are hammering the least able to afford anything - while the bankers WHO GOT US INTO THIS MESS, get a complete free pass.

Funnily enough, the UK economy, despite austerity cuts & cheap Corporation Tax, is in the tank - and the USA, under Barry, is doing better.

I think the majority of American "We the People" have worked out that the Tea Party couldn't run a bath, must less a world economy.

Unless and until the Republicans can run a credible candidate for President, the Dems will continue to cruise home.

Seriously, how in the fresh hell did the Republicans expect to win an election in the worst economy since the Great Depression talking about abortion rights? FFS. Newsflash: WE'VE MOVED ON. We are not going to become and Irish/Talibanic theoracy. The next generation does not give. a. damn. about whether you or I are gay either.

We just want a job, man. And Mitt for Brains and the boy Ryan did not convince the majority that they had any idea what they were doing.

End of.

Barry the Useless reigns - only because the oppositon is, unbelieveably, even more hopeless.