Monday, October 22, 2012

Slappy McBitch

Sullivan throws up his hands after tonight's debate;

He's flawed; he's made mistakes; but who hasn't? If this man, in these times, with this record, against this opposition, does not deserve re-election, then I am simply at a loss for words. I have to believe the American people will see that in time.

Ehh.. no.. they won't.  I'm pulling for Romney as a reinforcement of my view that the vast majority of Americans are moronic mouth breathers.

I'm not at a "loss for words" - everything that is wrong with this nation can be traced to fundamental christianity.  It's the plague that has sucked the life force and will out of the population and replaced it with pure insanity.  America is no longer about innovation, invention, intellect and style.  It's all about dumbing down the population with insipid culture and a twisted sense of morality.

Americans are morons.  Americans are racist.. and sexist.. and prejudiced.. and homophobic.. and ignorant. .and greedy.. and envious and cowardly and fearful and morally repellent.  Most of all.. just really fucking stupid.

This is why Mitt Romney needs to win the election.  He has to validate that the majority of Americans are tipping the scale to end the empire.  

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