Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Killing Kids Makes Us Safer

The other day, Atrios wrote something about not referencing Glenn Grenwald too much anymore because it's just too depressing.  I agree.

The media establishment in the US has become the equivalent of the propaganda machine of the Nazi party.  Yes, I know referencing Nazis is considered rather trite today, but when the parallels are obvious, it's worth making the comparison.

Greenwald wrote a bit today about the American media acquiescence to the federal government murdering people in other nations via drone attacks.  What particularly turns my stomach is that these douchebags that cheer on the slaughter when it's Obama that is ordering the attacks had a completely different attitude about it when it was George Bush that was blowing children into small pieces of dead meat.

They are truly sociopaths.. institutional.. accepted.. and paid handsomely for it.  I think they should all be shunned, fired from their jobs, and spit on as the moral equivalent of murderers.. but they're not.  They're revered in the pundit circle jerk.  They write books and make millions of dollars.

It is the exact same frame of mind that sent six million jews to their deaths in concentration camps not all that long in the past.  This is not a joking matter.

Greenwald is absolutely right.  If you want to go kill "enemies", you need to do it face to face.  Cowards do it via remote control, and that's what our nation has become.. a nation of cowards, willing to give up any sense of morality for the illusion of "safety".  It disgusts me.

Oddly enough.. because I'm a science fiction geek, I remember the original Star Trek series episode that captured it perfectly.  Two nations were at war.  Instead of waging the war with weapons, they ran computer simulations and the "casualties" simply reported to a disintegration chamber to die.  Captain Kirk rightly pointed out that if you're going to wage a war, you need to see the grotesqueness of it otherwise you'll never understand why it needs to stop.

And it won't stop.  This is perpetual war now.  This is a complete moral failure on both sides of the conflict, but more so on the Americans because we're supposed to be better than that.  We're not.  America is a disgusting, vile, rotting nation of people who care nothing for anyone else but themselves.  Bin Laden may be rotting at the bottom of the ocean now, but he's already won the war.  He already destroyed the greatest empire the world has ever seen.

I think they should record every single drone attack and put it on the news every single day.  It should be the lead story.. video of people being blown to bits.  Every single day.. every single drone attack.. show it and be proud of it, instead of hiding it away.

And while I think I can deal with living among such monsters because I can somewhat control the environment around me, I will not ever feel that I am American in the sense of what this nation represents now.  I find Obama repellent.  I find Romney repellent.  There is no one else to choose from, because anyone who is not a deranged sociopath will be treated by the mainstream media as "crazy" by default, and thus even their ideas will be mocked.

Just consider Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinnich.  Isn't the first word that is associated with them, "fringe"?  Yes, not being a murderous psychopath is the new "fringe" in the United States.  It's the exact same point of view in the islamic nations.  A reasonably sane person has zero chance of being heard in islam.

I've always wondered how some kid, sitting at a drone control thousands of miles away from his target feels. He sees the human beings.  He kills them.  Does his superiors tell him when he's killed some children as well?  Do they encourage the drone pilots to think of it as a video game, so as to not consider the shredded bodies of their victims?

This is the new normal in the United States.  Most Americans, the vast majority, would think me the insane one.  I'd take that as a compliment.

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